All students must complete 100 or 200 units (one or two courses) for this requirement through course registrations or test credit. The courses that satisfy this requirement present broadly applicable techniques for formulating, analyzing, and solving problems, and for evaluating proposed solutions. Options to complete this section of the core include some Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics offerings, including Calculus.

Those who take Calculus must earn credit for the first two quarters of a Calculus sequence (200 units). If you choose to satisfy the requirement with something other than Calculus, you'll take 100 or 200 units of approved non-Calculus coursework. If you complete only 100 units for the Mathematics requirement, you must take an additional 100 units in either the Physical or Biological science categories (for a total of 300 units).

If you plan to take a course for the Mathematics requirement this Autumn, use the information below to consider your options and be prepared to request 2-3 sections of the appropriate course during Pre-Registration.