All first-year students must complete at least the Autumn and Winter quarters of one of the following year-long Humanities sequences. Humanities courses work to establish methods of appreciating and analyzing the meaning and power of exemplary texts through the close reading of a broad range of literary, historical, and philosophical texts. These courses also include a zero-credit writing seminar (HUMA 19100), which introduces the analysis and practice of expert academic writing.

No Humanities sequence is meant as preparation for any particular major, so we encourage you to use the descriptions below to find sequences that focus on texts you find engaging and themes that speak to your broader interests. 

For Autumn Pre-Registration, you will be required to rank your top three Humanities sequences. You do not need to worry about the writing seminar - it will be added to your schedule later. Remember, you can use the Pre-Registration Questionnaire Worksheet to keep track of your preferences.