Hotel Information

Orientation time can be a busy time for families as they plan their trips to campus. To assist in your planning, the University has put together a special site to make finding a hotel in the area a little easier. Visit the Accommodations page for information about hotels in the area.

Many families choose to stay in the downtown area during Orientation to have access to restaurants and amenities in the area. Getting to Hyde Park is an easy cab ride away or it can be accessed by public transportation. You will find directions to campus on our Getting to Campus and Parking page. Please note that some hotels provide shuttles to campus. This service is provided by the hotels and not administered by the University or the College Programming Office. Please check with the staff at the hotels for more information.

If you realize that you have forgotten something, please note that the College Programming Office will be organizing a trip to Target for students during O-Week. We also offer additional information about shops and restaurants in the area in our app and Family O-Book. If you have other questions about amenities in the area, feel free to contact us.