Calculus Accreditation Exam

Exams must be completed and postmarked by July 28 if taken by mail;
the final on-campus exam will be given at the August 4 Open House. 
All results available by August 7.

Exams postmarked after July 28 will not have results in time for pre-registration.
Exams postmarked after July 28 but no later than Sept. 1 will receive results during Orientation Week.

Necessary registration changes can be made at that time.

The Calculus Accreditation Exam is recommended for those who performed well in Calculus BC, IB Calculus, or higher-level math at a university and anyone who took Calculus but doesn’t have AP scores to apply toward their placement. It is designed to correlate with coursework offered at Chicago, and we put great stock in its ability to find the most accurate mathematics placement for our students. See Step 3: Mathematical Sciences for information on possible outcomes.

There are three ways to take the Calculus Accreditation Exam: