All students must take at least two courses (200 units) from a Civilization Studies sequence. Each one of these sequences seeks to explore a civilization as an integrated entity, capable of developing and evolving meanings that inform the lives of its citizens. The courses emphasize texts as a way of getting at the ideas, cultural patterns, and social pressures that frame the understanding of events and institutions within a civilization and stress the grounding of events and ideas in historical context.

Unless otherwise specified, courses in a Civ sequence should be taken in order. Many sequences last for three quarters; in those cases, students can take two of the three to satisfy the requirement, though some sequences specify which two you can combine to satisfy the requirement. Note that you are expected to explore a particular civilization in depth by taking two or three courses in the same sequence.


We've listed the Civ sequences recommended for 1st years below, but the full list of eligible sequences can be found in the College Catalog. To give yourself the option of starting one of these sequences in Autumn quarter, be prepared to request two sections (two from one sequence or one each from two sequences). If you’ve decided to wait on Civ, you can continue to Step 8 to consider other options for rounding out your Autumn schedule.