Pre-Orientation Luggage Storage and Move-In Information

Pre-Orientation Housing and Luggage Storage

Pre-Orientation move-in varies by program. Please review your program’s specific move-in dates and times as provided to you over the summer. Students will not be permitted to move into the residence hall prior to their assigned date and time unless prior permission has been granted by your program's organizers. When you arrive, you will check-in at your pre-orientation residence hall and be given a room for the week. You are welcome to bring all of your belongings for the year with you when you check-in as locked storage will be available, but please note: you will not be able to access anything you put into storage during pre-orientation week. Thus, please pack a separate, smaller bag with the clothes and toiletries you need for the duration of your pre-orientation program. Please refer to your program’s list of things to bring with you for additional guidance about items you should pack for the week.

It is highly recommended that students keep only the items they will need for the week with them during pre-orientation. You will be responsible for moving any belongings that you keep with you during pre-orientation week into your permanent residence hall at the end of the week. Items put into storage at the beginning of your program will be moved for you to your permanent, fall term-time residence hall on Friday, September 21st.

In order to store belongings, the following criteria must be met. This will be strictly enforced.

  • All belongings that are to be stored must be in a closed and secured box, bin, or suitcase. Shopping bags, unsecured or loose belongings, or other unsecured containers will not be accepted for storage.
  • Valuable or fragile items should not be stored and must remain with you during your program. These items include, but are not limited to, musical instruments, important documents, jewelry, medications, specialized electronics, or other items that could be easily broken or are difficult to replace.
  • All items must be clearly labeled with your name, phone number, and permanent, fall term-time hall assignment. You will be provided colored tags at check-in for your pre-orientation program that will also need to be affixed to your belongings. These tags will correspond with your permanent, fall term-time hall assignment.

Parents who would like assist students with setting up their residence hall room should be aware that students will have program obligations during all or part of Friday, September 21st. Students will not be able to move into their permanent, fall residence hall until after 3:00 PM on Friday, September 21st. Those wishing to meet up with their students should plan to arrive some time after 3:00 PM. Please note that parents are also welcome to bring additional student belongings on Friday after 3:00 PM or on Saturday during move-in beginning at 9:00 AM.

If you prefer, you can also ship items directly to your residence hall in advance. If you choose this option, all shipments should be addressed to yourself at your residence hall address and must be marked “HOLD FOR ARRIVAL SEPTEMBER 21”. Belongings that are shipped in advance may not arrive prior to 8:00 AM on September 18th. Any deliveries received prior to that date will be returned to sender. Postage on all shipped items must be prepaid.

Moving into Your Permanent Residence Hall

During Pre-Orientation, students will be living in a temporary housing assignment along with other students who are participating in the same program. Students will be provided bed linens, pillows, and towels during pre-orientation week. On the morning of Friday, September 21st, students will check-out of their pre-orientation housing and return to programming. Upon checking out of their pre-orientation room, students will be able to store their belongings from the week in temporary storage until they are able to move into their permanent residence hall later in the afternoon.

Beginning at 3:00 PM, students will be able to begin moving into their permanent fall residence hall. Students must pick up their belongings left that morning in the temporary storage area before checking in at their fall residence hall. Any items put into storage at the start of the week will be delivered to the students’ fall residence hall rooms. Students will also be able to pick up linens purchased through the University's linen program at the Bookstore on Friday. Students should make sure to have linens of their own beginning on Friday, September 21st as no linens will be provided after you checkout of your pre-orientation housing.