Summer Experiences & Pre-Orientations

We know you are excited to begin your time at The College, and we look forward to welcoming you as the newest members of our vibrant campus community. As you prepare for your arrival, there are steps you can take now to start exploring the UChicago way of life.

We invite you to participate in one of our Summer Experience or Pre-Orientation programs, a series of optional opportunities that will help you make the most of your time at UChicago. Each summer program provides a unique experience that will introduce you to other members of the Class of 2023, help you become more familiar with student life and begin your intellectual development before the academic year begins.

A program fee may be assessed for participation in a Summer Experience or Pre-Orientation program. These fees do vary so please review each program's website to determine the cost and exactly what is included with the program fee. Additionally, many of the on-campus and career exploration programs offer financial assistance to students who require it to participate. Financial assistance availability and eligibility does vary by program. Please check with the program directly to determine whether aid may be available.

Below are descriptions of each Summer Experience and Pre-Orientation program. Please visit each program’s website for information on applications and the timeline for responses. Students may apply for and participate in multiple programs, as long as the timing does not overlap. All programs end prior to the start of Orientation Week.

If you have general questions about any of our summer experience or pre-orientation programs, please feel free to contact the College Programming Office at

If you have questions about your application to a particular program. Please contact that program directly. You will find contact information on the website for each individual program.

Career Exploration Week Programs

Career Exploration Week programs give students the opportunity to begin thinking about career interests and exploration right away. While tapping into the UChicago alumni network across the country, students will engage with industry leaders and learn about the ways in which different careers and communities work. All programs are well-suited for students interested in exploring careers, regardless of their industry experience. Through cohort-based activities led by a Career Advancement staff member, students will also explore the city and have a chance to connect with other members of the incoming class before the start of the school year. Each career-focused program will conclude prior to the start of O-Week, allowing students to travel back home before moving to campus. Applications are due by June 14th.

Outdoor Adventure

Our outdoor adventure program takes place during the week immediately prior to Orientation week. All participants will be able to come to campus prior to leaving for the wilderness and will return to campus the day before the official start of O-Week. Applications for this program will be due on June 14th. Students selected to participate will be notified via email in early July.

Pre-Orientation Programs

As a central feature of all pre-orientation programs, all participants will have the chance to interact with the city of Chicago and the UChicago community. Each pre-orientation program will conclude at the start of Orientation Week, which means that all participants will move to campus the weekend prior to O-Week. The application deadline for all campus-based programs is June 14th. Students selected to participate will be notified via email in early July.

Programs for International Students

UChicago is dedicated to helping all students maximize their potential and achieve their goals. To that end, the College has developed summer programs specifically for international students beginning study at UChicago. A central feature of both programs is an emphasis on easing the transition of students into the American collegiate classroom and introducing students to the resources, people, and programs designed to support your academic and social success at this university.

Global Exploration Programs

Our summer Global Exploration Programs all revolve around travel to UChicago Centers abroad. Each of the programs below conclude prior to the start of Orientation and will allow students to return home before traveling to campus. The application deadline for all travel-based programs will is May 31st. Students selected to participate will be notified via email in mid-June.