Placement Tests

Online placement tests for Mathematics, Chemistry, and some foreign languages are available May 15 through July 28. 
Results will be available by August 7.

Mathematics Placement  For ALL students (exception: those with a 4 or 5 on AP Calculus BC or a 5 on AP Calculus AB)

Chemistry Placement 

For students intending to enroll in a general chemistry sequence (exception: those with a 5 on the AP Chemistry test) 
Language Placement For anyone with some background knowledge in language(s) other than English

General Placement Test FAQ

Mathematics Placement Test

The Math placement test provides a base-line assessment of your math background. Students are exempt from the placement test only if they have AP Calculus scores that already placed them into MATH 15100 Calculus I or MATH 15200 Calculus II. For details on Calculus placement, see the Mathematical Sciences page.

Chemistry Placement Test

The Chemistry Placement Test assesses background in Chemistry and Mathematics to determine the most appropriate placement for all students enrolling in General Chemistry. Those with a 5 on the AP Chemistry exam are exempt from the online placement test.

Language Placement Tests

Language placements assess your current proficiency in a language and identify the best course for you to start with. See the Foreign Languages page to determine whether you should take one of these tests.